Welcome to the Professional Side of the Municipal Bond Business

At Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC we view our clients' municipal bond portfolios as the foundation piece (keystone) of their overall investment portfolio. We build investment grade municipal bond portfolios with defensive characteristics while managing duration risk. Our prime objective is to exploit the inefficiencies of the $3.8 trillion municipal bond market while building a tailor made municipal bond portfolio with active management to enhance the overall tax-free return for our clients.

In a world of increasing automation, passive indexing, cookie-cutter solutions, we offer a customized approach. If you are an individual who prefers their personal investing needs being met, having access to the portfolio managers for conversation, and earning more tax-free income without extending maturity or downgrading in quality, we have a solution for you.

Modeled after the Arch of Titus Rome CE 81, which marked the capture of Jerusalem by Emperor Titus in 70 CE, the United States National Memorial Arch commemorates the arrival of General George Washington and the Continental Army into Valley Forge, about 5 miles from our office.
Buy Wholesale
As a Registered Investment Advisor serving in a fiduciary capacity, Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC sits on the same side of the table as our clients. It is in everyone’s best interest for us to tirelessly shop and acquire bonds as close to wholesale prices as possible. Our goal is to locate mispriced bonds and exploit pricing inefficiencies in the municipal bond market. Our competitors will have you invested by the end of the day with marked up, plain bonds while it may take us 4-8 weeks to locate the bonds you will own for years.
Sell Discipline
As the premium bond is 2-3 years from maturity or a call date, we will seek to sell bonds in order to capture existing price premium. Thousands of eyeballs will see your bonds which are either out for a bid or being offered. Our competitors will have one trader giving your bonds one bid which must be low enough to be marked up through several profit centers. Imagine whose client gets better pricing, higher yields, and ultimately, more tax free income.