Created in 2009, Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC is a family-run RIA advising and specializing in structuring the foundation piece of one’s portfolio.

Though we have some different roles, our shared passion for locating misunderstood, ignored municipal bonds and exploiting the inefficiencies of this marketplace remains unbridled. Our clients tell us that they most value the additional tax-free income our portfolios produce, the peace of mind and predictability the municipal bonds provide, and the comfort of having a Watkinson answer when they call

We take great pride in how we help extraordinary Americans earn more tax-free income than CDs, money markets, US Treasuries, and through a safer, more customized vehicle than an ETF or mutual fund.

We remain humbled by your trust in us and we look forward to finding investment-grade municipal bonds for you tomorrow. Our BIOs are below.

We are direct descendants of Reverend Mark Watkinson 1824-1877 who is credited with being the catalyst behind “In God We Trust” being printed on all US currency.

On November 13, 1861, Rev. Mark R. Watkinson from Delaware County, PA petitioned the US Treasury Department to recognize “Almighty God in some form on our coins” in order to “relieve us from the ignominy of heathenism.”

Upon passage of the Coinage Act of 1864, Secretary of the Treasury Salmon Chase was authorized to include “In God We Trust” on one-cent and two-cent coins. Read how this phrase progressed from Reverend Mark Watkinson to adoption as the motto of The United States.

William J. Watkinson   
Chief Investment Officer / President & CEO

Bill founded the RIA in 2009 with the goal of being the antithesis of the outdated Wall Street brokerage “Pay retail, sell wholesale” model of owning municipal bonds. Having worked at brokerage firms during the earlier part of his career and learning from the best institutional municipal bond managers on the Street, he envisioned a fiduciary model in which individual investors could benefit from a “Buy wholesale, sell retail” process. By eliminating a brokerage firm’s “fixed income” division, his RIA could deliver bonds to clients eliminating 2-3 middlemen and netting the investor substantially more tax-free income.

By deploying this “old school” process combined with leveraging modern electronic trading platforms where thousands of eyeballs could bid on our bonds, we deliver more tax-free income net of fees to the investor without downgrading in quality or extending maturities. In addition, Bill’s passion is uncovering and explaining how these misunderstood or overlooked municipal bonds can deliver strong, defensive cash flows through covenants in the indenture.

Mr. Watkinson is a business development professional with an extensive background in fixed income, having worked with diverse financial service companies that total over 43 years of experience. Namely, E.F. Hutton & Co. 1977-1988, Prudential Securities 1988-1998, Pennsylvania Merchant Group 1998-2001, Advest, Inc.(now Merrill Lynch) 2001-2004, and Penn Liberty Bank (now WSFS)2004-2009.

Mr. Watkinson earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from St. Joseph's University.

Series: 65

Mark C. Watkinson   
Head of Operations/ Co- Chief Investment Officer

For over a decade, Mark has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Portfolio Manager at Watkinson Capital. In addition, he excels at consulting with clients, customer service, and building custom municipal bond portfolios. For RIAs, Mark has a strong understanding of the Schwab, Fidelity, and TDA platforms and utilizes thirty party money managers.

A cum laude graduate of West Chester University (BA Marketing 2005), Mark started his financial services career in 2006 at The Hartford, followed by CMG Capital Management Group & A.H. Williams & Co., a boutique municipal bond RIA.

He resides in Wayne, Pennsylvania with his wife and 3 daughters. Mark enjoys golf, bowling, skiing, and being outdoors. He was named after the Reverend Mark Watkinson who is credited as being the catalyst for "In God We Trust" being on all US Currency and as our National Motto.

Learn about the history of Reverend Mark Watkinson and the phrase "In God We Trust" on the currency by clicking here.

License held: Series 65

William Jeffrey Watkinson   
Senior Vice President

Joining the RIA in 2017, Jeff is responsible for serving individual investors, working with the RIA community as a trusted sub-advisor, municipal bond market commentary, and online marketing. Like Bill and Mark, Jeff enjoys exploiting the inefficiencies of the municipal bond market, and deploying our "Buy Wholesale Sell Retail" process. Furthermore, what Jeff really enjoys is explaining in plain English the municipal bond ecosystem, current market trends, and how our process and fiduciary model is the antithesis of the broker-dealer model.

Having advised the RIA community since 2010 when he worked at ProShares ETFs, a thought leader in smart beta ETFs, he enjoys consulting with RIAs seeking to differentiate themselves and adopting best practices. He has traveled all over the country presenting innovative ideas and consulting with the brightest minds in the investment community.

Before working at ProShares ETFs, he served as a retirement income specialist between 2005 – 2008 at The Hartford advising independent FAs on providing lifetime income and asset allocation.

After residing in Atlanta GA, Washington DC, and Dallas, TX, Jeff returned to Devon, PA in 2017 to strengthen the municipal bond business. When Jeff is not in the office, he enjoys golfing with his wife, country music, cooking, reading Barrons, and being outside with his son Luca. He loves working with his brother and father.

Georgetown University: McDonough School of Business: Bachelor of Science: Finance Major, German Minor

Drexel University: LeBow College of Business Masters of Business Administration

License held: 65