Specializing in tax-free municipal bonds, Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC was founded to deliver institutional pricing to the individual investor. In 2009, visionaries/founders William "Bill" Watkinson and Mark Watkinson provided a solution to individuals who wished to bypass the retail Wall Street Brokerage House business model. Our mandate is and remains "buy wholesale and sell retail" which is the inverse/contradiction/antithesis of the Wall Street Model.
In a world of ever growing automation, robo-callers, long hold times, vanilla products for the masses and faceless transactions, family owned and operated WCA focuses on building tailor made municipal bond portfolios for wealthy individuals with the goal of earning a superior tax free yield and safety of capital. As a fiduciary, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients and our client's best interest is paramount.
For the RIA, and family office, we serve as a sub-advisor or an outsourced municipal bond desk to their most precious asset, their clients. For all our clients, the "outcome" will always be "income."