This is your “Stay Rich” foundation piece of your investment portfolio. For generations, prudent Americans have stored and protected their wealth utilizing municipal bonds because of their safety and tax-free income. However, most of the municipal bond investors have experienced the “retail side of the business” which includes buying/selling muni bonds from a brokerage house, investing in mutual fund/ETF, or investing on their own. This is not a bad thing as we experience the retail side of the business every day at the convenience store, the gasoline station, and at the department store. But what if you could do better? What if you could buy your goods at wholesale pricing and sell them at retail pricing?
Here is an example of the “retail side of the business.” We recently spoke with a municipal bond investor who had her $2 million bond portfolio at a brokerage firm. We instructed her to ask her financial advisor to get a bid on her portfolio but not sell her entire muni bond portfolio. The answer from the head trader at the brokerage firm was a $1.9 million bid for her bonds. Where did the $100k go? This is the “retail side of the business.” The fixed income departments at brokerage houses are a very profitable source of income for their wealth management firms. These departments are Profitable from YOUR MONEY!

This is the same as your new/used car losing 5-10% of its value the moment you drive out of the lot. Our firm was founded to be the antithesis of this “retail side of the business” and to educate American Investors on the “professional side of the business.”
Our approach navigates you around the retail pitfall, improving your tax-free income. If you are the type of person who wants to learn more, grow your knowledge, and earn more money, please visit our “process page” and/or contact us. We always say that the outcome will be more income.

If you are the type of investor, who is hesitant to learn, is content buying at retail pricing or list pricing, enjoys plain vanilla, enjoys calling into a 1-800 number to inquire about your life savings, thinks a cookie-cutter solution is adequate, we are not the correct solution for you.