Tsunami of new Single Family Housing Deals hits MuniBond Market

In the 1st quarter of 2024, state and local governments borrowed almost $9 billion for affordable housing according to Bloomberg. This is the highest amount in at least a decade. State and local housing authorities are stepping up to provide more affordable mortgages for US citizens.

The good news for #MunicipalBond investors is that these deals have been coming to market priced to sell.
These deals can reward the savvy municipal bond investor up to 60% more tax-exempt yield. 

For example, we have seen attractive yields as high as 4.75%...AAA-rated by Moody's, which over 50% higher or 50% more yield than the AAA scale...

The #TEY for 4.75% is approximately 8.31%

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Forget about #TBillandChill  

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