Highest MuniBond Yields in 18 years

                                                         Bonds are Back…

                               Get historical equity returns on TEY basis (Tax Equiv. Yield)

  •      The S&P 500 Index has an annualized return for last 50 years (1972-2021) of 9.4%
  •      With 4% Coupon MuniBonds trading at a discount and 5% Coupon Investment Grade MuniBonds trading close to or at par, investors can achieve TEYs 8% and at 10% for highest tax bracket income earners in the highest tax states.
  •      The impulsive municipal bond mutual owner continues to sell, sell, sell. 
  •      Get locked in because you do not know when this market may turn
     In the picture above, Jeff Watkinson visited financial advisor Nick Mitchell in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Watkinson Capital serves some of Nick's clients as a trusted sub-advisor for constructing custom municipal bond portfolios. It is an honor to work with an advisor like Nick. 

 contact jeff@watkinsoncap.com if you want to learn more about municipal bonds

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