Take advantage of "Buy High Sell Low" tendencies in #MuniLand

  • 14 consecutive weeks of retail investors selling their #munibond mutual funds
  • $35 billion of YTD outflows
  • Fears of higher interest rates has led to massive selling
  • We are finding very juicy yields for clients with bonds maturing or adding new capital
April 13th, 2022
Money Matter TV
Please click on the YouTube Link below to hear SVP Jeff Watkinson on Money Matters TV.
  1. We discuss how juicy yields have presented themselves with the heavy selling
  2. Bonds heal over time
  3. The advantage of owning individual bonds over mutual funds is the maturity security. aka "the investor knows when they will receive their entitled coupon and when principal will be returned"
Plus interesting interview with consultant Michael Lefkowitz, who advises business owners on selling their business.

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