Taxable Muni Bonds Issuance Surges in 2019

Taxable Municipal Bonds can play a vital role in one's portfolio.
While most investors are familiar with tax-exempt municipal bonds, taxable munis are a lesser know asset class.  
Jeff wrote about Taxable Munis in May 2019 in his monthly newsletter.
 Since then issuance has surged mostly due to President Trump's 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which eliminated advanced refundings. 
Check out this article to learn more about Taxable Municipal bonds. 
If you own fixed income mutual funds in your IRA, definitely reach to me to discuss how adding individual taxable munis can help your portfolio. Your investment performance in a mutual fund structure can be severely impacted by the investment decisions of the other investors in the fund. In addition, many analysts have been concerned about the actual credit quality of rated investment grade corporate debt. 

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