Cross the Great Divide & avoid paying retail prices for Muni Bonds

In mid-October, Jeff and Mark traveled to Colorado for a conference hosted by an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) client. This firm has over 50 IARs (Investment Advisory Representatives) attached to their ADV. We met with clients, prospects, industry experts, and a local moose who hung out by the library in Vail, CO. Call us for details on the moose.

Not only does WCA serve individual investors, but we also serve other RIAs  as a sub-advisor specializing in municipal bonds. We seek to exploit the municipal bond market for the benefit of the client.

Several of these IARs rely on WCA to sub-advise on their behalf the municipal bond portion of their client’s portfolios for a number of reasons.
  • The IAR/RIA advisor knows the bonds they see on their Schwab, Fidelity, or TDA screen are someone else’s inventories… in other words, these are marked bonds priced at retail prices. Often, the IAR/RIA does not know how much these bonds have been marked up. WCA alleviates this concern through utilizing Schwab Prime Broker, leveraging our dealer relationships, and also doing some detective work to determine an appropriate pricing level.
  • With our concierge customer service, we assist the RIA or IAR quickly set up the paperwork for their client. Its easy and we will walk you through the paperwork. 
  • Our Sub-advisory clients know WCA is locating bonds, determining the value of the bonds, evaluating the true worth of the bond, patiently bidding/passing on the bonds if the price is right/wrong, and ultimately building the portfolio according to the specifics outlined by the client.
  • Our RIA clients think of us as an outsourced institutional family-run muni bond desk.

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